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Prices and Availability


Below are the rental costs and availability of the different properties.  Please note that:-

- we do require a four week bond to be deposited to our bank account, which we lodge with the Bond Administrator, in order to confirm a reservation; and

- the shortest period we lease our properties for is 6 months.

Two bedroom apartments


All of our two bedroom apartments are $430/week, which includes all utilities (electricity, gas if connected, water) and 200GB of wireless internet per month.






Three bedroom villas


All of our three bedroom villas are $500/week, which includes utilities (electricity, gas if connected, water), and 200GB of wireless internet per month.







How do I book a property?


If you send us an email (or call Jen on her mobile phone) we can go through availability of properties and any other questions you may have. 


Essentially, the property is confirmed for your move in and move out dates once we have received the bond and first two weeks' rent into our bank account.  We are unfortunately unable to book properties without receipt of this amount.




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